The word “ibnsabeel” is used in the Qur’an and Sunnah to describe a wayfarer. This term is used as an adjective. Imam an-Nawawi (rahimahullah) says: “the traveller has been described as ibnsabeel which means the son of the road because of his attachment to a path or a road just like the attachment of a child to its mother ” The essence of ibnsabeel means one who is constantly travelling to a particular destination and in our case we are constantly travelling on the path to the hereafter. We aim to equip the traveller with the necessary tools of knowledge that will facilitate their journey to the hereafter by treading the path of knowledge. On the authority of Abdullah ibn Umar (ra), who said: The Messenger of Allah (saw) took me by the shoulder and said, “Be in this world as though you were a stranger or a wayfarer.” [Bukhari]


Students are expected to behave in a respectable and professional manner at all times. We adopt a zero tolerance policy for any misbehaving students; any student that is expelled from the course for disciplinary reasons or decides to stop attending before course completion will not be refundedDisciplinary reasons include but are not limited to; continuous classroom disruption of any kind, bringing food and drinks (except water) into the classroom, refusing to comply with teacher instructions, writing on the desk, chair or walls, leaving the premises without prior consent from teacher, littering in classrooms etc. It is imperative that under age students be collected by their parents once their lesson ends. We are not responsible for the safety and well being of students once they leave the premises.  Students have to dress in modest clothing. There will be complete segregation between male and female students.


We request that our students adhere to the following:


*Students are required to wear respectable attire.

*It is strictly prohibited to linger by the premises once your lessons are over. We expect you to leave in an orderly fashion.

*Those who act or say something offensive to their teachers or their peers will be dropped from the course immediately.


We are confident that we will have the best structured learning with high quality teaching. The pricing structure of the courses will be very affordable. In addition to this, we believe that limiting class sizes to no more than 15-20 students would be beneficial and allow for a more effective learning experience. Studies have shown that students do better in smaller classes, they score higher on tests, receive better grades, and attend classes more frequently. Demand for courses can be high and places fill up quickly. We advise you to enrol early in order to avoid disappointment. 


Frequent class cancellations beyond an acceptable level will give us the right to cancel courses and blacklist defaulting students. If you are absent for more than four consecutive lessons (4 days) in a row without giving us prior notification, you could lose your place on the course, if this happens you will not be refunded your fees. Frequent cancellations can result in failure to complete the curriculum within the course time frame. The teaching staff and the management exert enormous efforts to conduct courses smoothly and as quickly as possible in order to offer opportunities for other waiting students.

We will not compensate students for missed hours regardless of whether it’s a planned absence or not. Any student that is more than 20 minutes late to his/her class will not be allowed to enter the classroom. Once registered, a student will be permitted to attend only the particular day and time slot chosen and may not attend another session in the event of absence unless permission is granted. It is imperative for the student to send an email to the company before the class begins if they are going to be absent.


We will only give you full refunds of the full fees if:

• The course is cancelled by us before it starts.

• The course is closed within the first week of its commencement.

• Course fees cannot be transferred to a later date .

• An administration fee of £10 will apply if your request for a change of course/time slot is authorised following registration.

•Where a refund is authorised an administration fee of £10 will apply.

•All requests must be made via email to enquiries@ibnsabeel.com (a response may take up to 10 working days).

***Please note when a refund request is made, we will look into whether the student is eligible for a refund, change in one’s circumstance or personal situation will not be a valid reason for refund.


All of our teachers have an educational background ranging from Bachelor’s degrees to PhDs, related to the subjects they teach, as well as having extensive teaching experience in English and Arabic. They are familiar with the current Arabic teaching curriculum, methods and requirements. Before becoming part of the team, candidates must go through a meticulous interview process that involves background checks: verifying references and their criminal record.