4. Tahfeedh Al Qur’an (from Al Ahqaf to An Nas)

Course description

This course is structured to allow the student to complete the memorization of the entire Qur’an within two years. The progress is very much dependent on the student’s ability. Each level has a minimum expectation that students must complete.

Course Outline

Juz’ 26 – Al Ahqaf 1 – Az Zariyat 30
Juz’ 27 – Az Zariyat 31 – Al Hadid 29
Juz’ 28 – Al Mujadila 1 – At Tahrim 12
Juz’ 29 – Al Mulk 1 – Al Mursalat 50
Juz’ 30 – An Nabaa 1 – An Nas 6

Course Objective

Successful progress of Memorzing from Al Ahqaf to An Nas

Evaluation and Grading Policy

Revision of previously memorized surahs and newly memorised lesson

Course/Support Material

Quranic Audios (click here to listen)