1. Al-Qaai’da Al-Nooraaniya

Course description

This is a simple, but well-designed and scientific, method for learning how to read the letters and words of the Glorious Qur’aan. It is organized in a reasonable order starting with single letters, combined letters, then the letters at the beginning of the Surahs of the Qur’aan, then vowels, and so on. The book is simple and clear to read. It is divided into 17 lessons for ease of use.

Method of Study

Lessons, study groups, readings and discussion. Students will be required to initially spend 1-2 hours a week on home study.

Course Requirements

There are no formal course requirements besides a commitment to learn and improve and regular attendance of all lessons. Students need no prior knowledge to enrol and complete.

Course Outline

  • Lesson one: Singular letters in alphabetical orders
  • Lesson two: Joined letters of the alphabet set compound
  • Lesson three: Broken Letters
  • Lesson four: Letters with vowels
  • Lesson five: letters with tanween
  • Lesson six: exercises on vowels and tanween
  • Lesson seven: Small Alit, small Yaa and small waw
  • Lesson eight: letters of elongation and letters of softening of voice
  • Lesson nine: Exercises for tanween and the 3 letters of Madd and the 2 letters of leen
  • Lesson ten: Al -sukoon
  • Lesson eleven: Exercises for as sukoon
  • Lesson twelve: Ash-Shaddah
  • Lesson thirteen: exercises on Ash-Shaddah
  • Lesson fourteen: exercises on Ash-Shaddah and Sukoon
  • Lesson fifteen: exercises on Ash-shaddah with two words
  • Lesson sixteen: exercises on Ash-Shaddah and Sukoon with Mad
  • Lesson seventeen: exercises from all previous lessons

Course Objective

To able to read the Quran

Evaluation and Grading Policy

Written/Spelling test.

Course Material

Al-Qaai’da Al-Nooraaniya (القَاعِدَةُ النُّورَانِيَّةُ) (click here to download the book)

Audio Tracks